And Jesus answering said unto them, They that are whole need not a physician; but they that are sick. I came not to call the righteous, but sinners to repentance.

can you live without money? <—-mature audiences only please…?!


ask yourself before you search for the “fold” do you really want to “read” this?why?

is hell the only way to communicate is thru advertisments that all give you the illusion that you have a choice in worshiping money in a country that worships money?

From a distance I can see what I couldn’t see then — that Wall Street is a toxic culture that encourages the grandiosity of people who are desperately trying to feel powerful.

could the same thing be said about “american culture”?

Have we perchance transferred our trust to our own resources such as wealth, intellect, etc.”” If so, you might be successful in the world’s sight but not the Lord’s.

are you judging or measureing me? do you do it to others? in front of them? why? do you know my whole life? or theres? do you talk about me in front of others in front of me? why? do you do that to others? do you lie about doing it to others? do you believe you know me? why?


is war about money? how would one ask that in a war? what if they were poor and from a devasted community? who is able to question money? if not who would represent them?

what is collective occlusion? collective meomory? is it alterable? how? by who? for what reasons would they? is it related to whistleblowing? how? when?


i am anti drug war in a country about profit from drug wars… even though it does not work? who is going to pay for it? who has the money from that war? what countries know about that unethical human experimentation? is the drug war in every city in america? why? has any war in history been this deeply infested and devastaing… and who is going to “repair” the communites destroyed by this drug war? those profiting form it? who declares the end of this global civil war?

is the drug war about our relationship with money?

does beliefs in money have an influence on who owns “property”? what about who owns posseses our “identity”? is it property ? who owns or possesses it?

has our government experimented on citizens with drugs? what about prisoners? has our kids been exposed to more drugs(persrictions drugs) than any other in the world? does healthe insurance companies keep track of all the drugs you kids na dyou have been exposed to? does drugs “during pregnacy” afffect the children? how?

who owns oursleves in war? any war? who owns who each others identity to decifer which side someone is… in the drug war? does it ever clear out in a global internet world? has history forgoten wars? is this one forgetable? can anyone earase the tools(internet) used in the drug war?

the drug war is about MONEY? is our civilization empire pathalogical about money? who can question money? who claims to be free from money? what happens to those who question money? what happens to them? do sociopathic societies “perscute those who “quesiton money”? why? do sociopaths “control and conceal”? do pyschopaths use others to destroy evidence of there own lies? is our civilization a pathocracy? who could ask that if everyone is “trained from birth” to be pathalogical? what is narcissism and gaslighting in pathological societies in war?

how does this war affect social order and structure? what about class? who benifits socially from war “agendas” on “the others”? who socially profits for the “angles of proper goodness”(who is on the “right” side) of identity in wars? or drug wars? who can make a stand against “many” to question what is happening in their “community” at war? how would they? could you go up against everything you know? you family? your friends? your country? in war?

how do gaslighters profiting of of a war or drug war psychologically abuse their targets?

  • Deny existence of an event even when presented with evidence (Denial);
  • Deliberately block their victims from source data (Compartmentalizing);
  • Deny behaviors by immediately putting their targets on the defensive (Deflection);
  • Insist that their targets are imagining things (Chronic Invalidation);
  • Shame their targets for expressing very real hurts (Minimization);
  • Insist that others are the source of their poor choices (Blaming);
  • Mentally abuse their targets with criticism veiled as “advice” (Depreciation);
  • (Usually) must have the last word (again, Chronic Invalidation);
  • Force agreement by their targets to accept their false reality (Domination);
  • Engage in gossip in order to hurt and control their targets (Humiliation);
  • Has the ability to “sell ice to an Eskimo” meaning that they are persistent and manipulative enough to convince someone to invest in something that they could receive for free (Insincerity).


is the drug war a civil war? were are its borders? where are the measure of casualitys? who is made to suffer for there “beliefs”? how? when? from that understanding which side wins? are there sides? how are there sides? if everyone is about the money from that war? were we warned of a military industrial prison complex by authorities? ever? are we truelly free to discuss a war publicly? do communities in war profile each other? is to profile a form of prejudice in war?

is the drug war about systematic poverty? does that mean there are systematic rich? that profit form it? who or what corporations profit off the drug war or affiliated markets? like weapons? transportaion? laundrying of money? clean up of “messes”? pollitical blackmails? coverups and exposures leading to “settlements”?

who grows the drugs? how do they grow or make the drugs? does it destroy the land? water supply? whos land or county does the plants or chemicals derived from? is it about international affairs? are they used in other industries? does the growers get paid a “fair share”? is there “slavery” in the production of drugs? how is that? it it not about money to enslave those to “produce” drugs?

does land “ownership” and drug production and local and international politics have a common ground or relation? how? why? who controls those policies? locally or international? or cross borders? are there secret aggrements? derrivatives? how could anyone “regulate them?

if private property land ownership durring the “green revolution” turned “farmers” into gambling capitalist willing to bet it all, who profited from it?

has the world attempted to face up to even estimate the total collateral damage(Unintended damage, injuries, or deaths caused by an action, especially unintended civilian casualties caused by a military operation.) of the drug war? how?

how many government jobs are about the processing the poopulation in the war on drugs? how many jobs in a given city are part of the drug war? why?

how many wars have been this complex?

do authorities “seize” the property of those in the drug war? how? what happpens to the “property”? what happens to the money? who gets the money or property? how? what about when two competitors of the drug war claim each other “property” what authority could they go to? when or how? is the drug war about property(or real estate) “exchange”? why? is it about control? is divisions in  families about property or real estate?  could families or communites “sell each other out” in a war or drug war to gain “advantage” to property or real estate? how? who would be able to write or talk about it in war? who is ever going to find out? why would they want to?

is war a spiritual problem? is our relation with money a spiritual problem? who defines our individual and collective relation with money?

are pathalogical societys Collaborating? how? why? is money use to clean up there messes and hide themselves? how would you follow the money to find out? if you could not question it “publicly”?do pathalogical societies create lies and less than whole truths about those who “question” there motives and methods? is it a attribute of pathalogical societies to “track” and “obscure” those who question the system of design use to “do it to others”?

has this war turn us agianst oursleves and have us running from each other the pains of persecution of the mobs of haters we call our community? do we look away when others are doing it in front of us? do we join in to hide? do we ever question while it is happening?

do we see the disfunction of this war as normal now that we do not question it?

are the “prisoners” of the drug war treated as slaves? how? in there own communites? or others? why? are we more “civilized” than say the Medieval Inquisition?  what  are they gaslighted and abuse and told who they are over and over? who profits of them being slaves? is there a side who is profiting when most looking away in how they are in  specialization organization?

how are users hiding their usage? are they are somehow profitting off of no one knowing? do you tell others when you are sick? or have a disease? why do others expect you to when they ask you randomly? when do they decide to “find out about it”? is that in itself a setup”? is “to know” being used as an attempt to control people? why?  is “rock stardom” used as a cover or distraction in the entertainment industry? why? do people follow other people? is that idol worship?

if someone were to investigate a war themselves in a society about that war would they attack them?

how much pollution is from the drug war? what is scorched earth? how would you know if it was done to your “country” if you couldnt see it? when? could it be covered up? by who? why? what other forms of pollution from war is there in the drug war? how is policy enforced on pollution from drug wars when no one can “see” it? what else is like these  techniques? is you car a pollution device? what about industrial home and IIoT? are they sustainable and resilient in a empire about war? how did we create them? was it from war? would we be able to sustain them without some form of war? how? how are our communites self-sustaining? are we as americans “always” going to be at war? would or could we stop? if so would that mean we would be a ” revolutionary”? is that treason or terrorism or both? is our constitution able to be changed by its citizens who are “victims” of wars”? is that an advantage for who? why?

has it happened before?  Scorched Earth,”

is our own communities a form of concentration camps in a drug war? are they being redesigned for the “cyberwar”? why? what does that mean?

what would happen if someone were to question money, war and drug wars?

what does specialization have to do with how we would question money, war and drug wars? how does it affect our “worldview” and at what times in our life? from who do we learn our worldview? to know what wars we are in? when? who decided what community or nation you were born into?

how does virtual water and cyberwarfare part of the drug war? is the drug war a preleminary for a global cyberwarfare? how? are there 148 cyberwarfare countries out of 196 countries in the world?

who would be “crazy” enough to question a war about money?

what about those we in groups at war…question the others in wars and money? are they ever reconciled? how could anyone find out the “whole” truth in a pathological society to “judge righteously” those “questioning the war”?

is this war special because even kids are use to “fight and take sides” in that war? was anyone a dare kid? how much propaganda would we hav eto deprogram kids of this war? has war involving kids ever been able to be “reconclied” by those in charge after it? how? are there wars now in the world that hav ekids fighting? what are those communities “going” thru? is america ready to confess up to this war? ever?

has this war been part of my life? who are you to say so? or how? is it a discusion if the other side is “still in war”? or profiting form it?

There is now little doubt that there is a close correlation between the “war on drugs” (and on “gangs”) and the growth of the prison industrial complex.  This “war” was officially launched by President Reagan in the mid-1980s when he promised that the police would attack the drug problem “with more ferocity than ever before.”  What he did not say, however, was that the enforcement of the new drug laws “would focus almost exclusively on low-level dealers in minority neighborhoods.” Indeed, the police found such dealers in these areas mainly because that is precisely where they looked for them, rather than, say, on college campuses.  The results were immediate: the arrest rates for blacks on drug charges shot dramatically upward in the late 1980s and well into the 1990s.  In fact, while blacks constitute only around 12% of the U.S. population and about 13% of all monthly drug users (and their rate of illegal drug use is roughly the same as for whites), they represent 35 percent of those arrested for drug possession and 74% of those sentenced to prison on drug charges.

Apartheid was created as a means to control another race or ethnicity.,+Helena%5BAuthor%5D&log$=activity

Our society is awash in drugs and mixed messages, and people who use drugs would be safer if we acknowledged their ubiquity.

NEW YORK — Despite an increased emphasis on treatment and prevention programs in recent years, the Obama administration in its 2013 budget still requested $25.6 billion in federal spending on the drug war. Of that, $15 billion would go to law enforcement, interdiction and international efforts.

In a 2011 interview, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said that legalization is “not likely to work” because “there is just too much money in it.” Clinton was talking about cartels, but the same holds true for the legal industries that owe their profit margins, market shares, and—in some cases—very existence to the war on drugs. Here are four industries you might not realize profit off the drug war.

NEW YORK — Despite an increased emphasis on treatment and prevention programs in recent years, the Obama administration in its 2013 budget still requested $25.6 billion in federal spending on the drug war. Of that, $15 billion would go to law enforcement, interdiction and international efforts.

“they(pathocracies) became experts in our weakness”

Political Ponerology

The Narcissist’s False Mask Gaslights the Public: Pathological Narcissism in Society and Culture

The United States Today: Gang Stalking Pathocracy

The Drug War: From Racist Beginning To Today’s Broken Society with Johann Hari

Drugs: War or Store?

What if the Drug War Never Occurred?

The Cost of the War on Drugs

Ethan Nadelmann – The Human Cost of the War on Drugs

Is China Fueling The Drug War?

Rethink Drug Policy – Health Poverty Action

not for any politician apologizes…

Lecrae – Broken ft. Kari Jobe

what are you looking for?

what is it?

do we treat those we do not understand like in the drug war like Jesus?


could one day you will be called a cyber addict(for just using a cyber device, etc) or one day because of “pollution” or “disease” you will be excluded from “help” even if you are “rich” yet it is useless and you will cry out to “god” and you will know the eternal spiritual war that you hide from in money… may jesus christ grace be with you all before that time… comes… the drug war is moving to cyber matrix war… of which no human will be free from themselves or the “Machines”… that “rule” them… ? God bless

when you speak life… does the whole world shake awake and ask “what is it” like the mind of a child?

much love my beloved


Faith Commander Small Group Bible Study by Korie Robertson and Chrys Howard – Session One

Lecrae – Give In ft. Crystal Nicole

Lecrae – Prayin’ For You

MercyMe – Flawless

Rooftops by Jesus Culture by the brothers Aldrich and James from philippines

to my family and friends that are no longer with us….

and to family and friends in the world…

“don’t be afriad” jesus qoute

much love.


if you made it this far down the page

peace be in your house and family


God Bless you.

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