This poor man cried, and the LORD heard [him], and saved him out of all his troubles.

this is not appropriate for “readers” if you had to “think” about the first sentence on this page?

is the fold on the page in or your mouse/finger/arrow key?

did you look at the input device or behind you?

how far is it to go thru the wabit ole? if you insinuate the lines tweenin in the river? of cyber warfare?


“U.S. companies are definitely under pressure, and I think it’s related in large part to nation-state attacks,” said John Haller, a cybersecurityresearcher in the CERT division of the Carnegie Mellon UniversitySoftware Engineering Institute.

There are almost 30 different tracks, including several covering how to navigate the thorny issues surrounding government and privacy, as well as two dedicated to hackers and threats, examining the growing underground economy, new classes of vulnerability and exploitation techniques.

do “people” cause trouble to crete a service? “other people” need? has it been done in the past? how? is it organized “crime related? how do transfers of “service” transfered from generation to generation? why? do you understand anything or ar you paid not to? why? is the real deal not the real deal when? in an economy about “who” causes trouble for ” service” ? why? when?

who is allowed to know anything in a “cyberwar”?



trend setters… how do they come? do they set or trend first?



is antonio about a “hack”? how….

is alices kitchen a “cyberhack” how?




is hypnotize you a “cyber hack”? how?

is blood a “code” in “cyberbodies”?

what does it mean to “walk alone”?

does the life you choose describe to place or the vision?

what does midnight mean? in a perfect world?

if time flies how long does it take to “encrypt it” or is that chianblo k  it?


do 3.14 rates go up when they R>I>P or port it? how?

is a city “wrong” if its Spelt or remxi d ?

do i or you be long to when ifected…. room without walls…? how?

who is the “ghost”?

wind shield s mash r?

shadows and flames or smoke and mirrors?

is the void a place or a dirrection?

is the cyber ware about “dreams” or “visions” meaning who is “guiding” who?

is the effect about the l or the d or the s or the order of the effect in the cyberwar? meaning how do you ever know you are in it or not?


is a twin a lick r or a win do? when doz or afix? in the cyberwar? is the real estate posseesed or upon the “cell”?

is the angle or angel have a mass or att? witkh one?

bat or cat… why? what the m or o or mo G?

is the divide? ever a question? or and if then or elseif prolly proxy><

wake ing up pug ni ekaw? is it in libray of babel? randon resource economy?

careful with the lyrics?


gather what on a single?

liter clean up or clean arrrrr there?

if i asked does that quest i am? or

mist or e and quest on the lyrics

who holds on? long enough to fig yor owt?