Social network analysis: Tracing relationships

Social network analysis: Tracing relationships and passwords++

Using socio-metric techniques to observe networks of people goes back to the 1930’s. Since then,
academics have been developing a set of techniques called social network analysis (SNA). SNA
data is typically collected using surveys and then analyzed using statistical techniques based upon
graph theory. The theory is that patterns will become visible, and that they can be used to better
understand the relationships between people, assess the health of a group and identify which
people are playing key roles within a network. In society, such analysis has been used to understand
and help alleviate social problems. For instance, by studying the habits of a “group” of drug
users, needle exchange programs have been made more effective. In business, such analysis has
been used to manage change, identify key players and experts, improve reuse of intellectual assets
and understand the decision making processes.

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The Nine Different Types of Intelligence

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using games to be a password.. play a game to enter the password stage…

so every 5 minutes a game would pop up and you play it…and that next password is set ehh… and its tracking your everymove and analizing it if you patterns are “you” or not?