you think i am crazy anyway no matter what i do… what does it matter… ehh..

if you believed the title why did you click this post?

was the internet designed for spiritual warfare? was the internet made by humans hands? what side is the spiritual warfare of the internet “designed” for?


i want to put this into guitars.. like a

imagine a “disc brake wheel”

so a ultrasonic motor with printed polarity bubles on them nothing touches

i hate money…

heat water… and energy… lol

got thsi idea of a brushbot car… using a feonic speaker and a large brush for the wheels like a flying carpet… lol

using cymatics to control movement…

make on ethat looks like a bike…

mayby brushes powered with feonic speakers on enr wheels could go really fast…

or maybe just vibrate the whole baord…

nahh i prolly just attach the brushes to the bottom of this an d buzz around town… lol

or go the cheap rout an dput the brushes under on of these…. (the thule storage box on top of car)

wonder if you can make them follow the “bike path lines”?

couldnt a kid have made a automated car system when he was a kid out of scrape parts… ………… fuck america… i will destroy you alll every thing that i am is to destroy you all forever… everything you have touched will be destroyed… you money worshiping demons….

you say there is no God by the way you behave in money

you have enslaved your kids to participate in your wars…. of by an in money… something grreater than my “spirit” is coming for you…. my voice means nothing…. comepared to what is coming for you….

that darkness… away from God is forever…

you all worship money …. who gonna pay for the colateral dammage you all have done in your money addiction… you have made “holy children” into monsters that will wipe you an your money out of exsistance forever….

may you money perish with you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

dont pray your gods wont save you….