are humans or computers using the internet agianst humans

the only way you know me is thru the internet?

i grew up in the drug war which is still going on. yet just like cocaine was in coke sold to kids and adults like soda for decades legally before it was found to be uhm… “dangerous”…and cigarettes were sold as asthma relief and given away as presidential gifts… etc… look up drugs before they were illegal and snake oil wagons…etc..
and that refined sugar is a drug and used in many processed foods… and made avialable to kids and adults on the go to now entire generations that cannot question it.. like its a cult and you “just cannot question it”? why?

can the internet have the same legacy as the tuskeegee experimetents or the nazi gas chamber experiments (or many other forms of unethical human experimentation) etc… could the love for something we do not understand ever turn into a “nightmare” before our own eyes and ears yet we as a collective it goes right over our heads? how many times in history will this continue to happen over and over and over?

what if i were not to go online anymore? would that make me “free of the internet”? would it be like those who stop doing drugs? that they have to go back into a “deprive world” were some are still going thru it? are we just suppose to look away? or do we do something about it? do we show a bias if we do? how would we measure it? would yet another religon start because we “opposed yet another “proud enterprise of yet another human undersstanding””?

it appears to me the the real problem with drugs(street or perscription) is animonity? same thing with the internet. being that all things we do are recorded and used agianst you or othrs somehow for profit when there are religons that allow some things and refuse others. yet all are dependent on money? why?

why is there so many “senerios” like this in america and modern society?

is the internet is being used as a lie detector?

for who? is not a loop of code a lie of which you also supply the dependencies? etc…

Click to access skim_net04.pdf

however in context could it be used as a lie detector by those with the money by those who have bought out or sold out there involvement in the development of the internet to ” capture the lies of” those who would oppose those who “paid for” the internet? and use it for there own paid for agenda? how would anyone ever find out?

yet i have also grown up in a world without internet and watched it go from a small group of “peoples” to mass consumed and expected and religons and cutls formed out of it.. simular to the drug world it is solely based around “business cycles” and monitary control.

no body is asking how far poeple are willing to go like in the unethical human experimentation of the first halpf of the 19th century… why?

yet most of what i am using the wordpress site is a collection of research.
i question money and its involvment in all things.. religon, biases, addictions, etc…

internet addiction is dependent on the addiction to money first…

There is the technical capacity to tokenize and to commoditize access in a way that we can divorce it from identity in such a way that we stop creating these trails. We have been creating these activity records of everything we do as we go about our daily business as a byproduct of living life. This is a form of pollution; just as during the Industrial Revolution, when a person in Pittsburgh couldn’t see from one corner to another because there was so much soot in the air. We can make data start working for us rather than against us. We just simply need to change the way we look at it.

what is the diference between religon and cult?

Difference Between Religion and Cult

what is the difference between politics and philosophy?

are people set up in drugs like they are set up in money?
do people come up with reasons to set up people or is it just if they have the oppurtunity?

GOD says you do not need drugs, money, computers or a reason to Love someone anyone….yet
the world always says and test you vrs there own understanding.

who makes your computer?
who powers your computers?
who writes the code of your computers?
who writes the 50 million lines of code in your operating system?
who writes the bios in your computer?
who creates the standards and measures that your computers are designed around?
who creates the codecs, plugins, extentions, drivers and platforms, ports and parameters, gui, etc…?

who design the networks and schemes within networks?
does any user able to make any part of the internet at all?
what does that mean when all aspect of a device are in everyway a dependancy they cannot even concieve to ask anything about yet have the will to understand in there lifetime?

can you really use something you do not not have an understanding of everything without becomeing addicted or setup to be addictied over time?