statement to all money addicts worldwide

i want nothing from the world of money addiction…. (talking to you america and then some)

no mates… no mating ( do you treat each other as breeding or pleasure bots)

not because i do not desire it

no family ( do you enslave your own families in your money schemes)

not because i do not desire it

no money

no “fake life” you offer

no “supposed technology”

not your “justice”

not your stolen “power”

i desire nothing from america

yet you all use psychological warfare if i choose nothing from any of you…

then you try to tell me who i am.. in retaliation if i reject any offers

why is that?

and yet you hide yourselves

have you judged me in your own pride and measure thru class and in the high position of “winning your wars”… is it all thru money?

your claims are to “own” everything in all relationships…

own me.. own others… own something that doesn’t exist yet.. own the intangible… own all life…. owning on into forever cyber exsistance…

and the “profit” to sustain that “owning of everything”

if that is the habit… in this relationship…

you offer nothing to our relationship

have you or do you constantly ask if GOD is in “our” relationship…

does GOD behave like you are in our relationship?

is there “true peace” in your ways…


if you think so.. why?

what god is that?

i could say that i want you “entirely destroyed forever” yet i know my hands and voice mean nothing

i do not want myself what i want…

i choose GODs will…

i choose GODs justice… which is forever…

though you will persecute me… and others that choose GOD

i choose GOD forever….

i will help those that choose GOD

i choose GOD forever

i know GOD desires the life in you to be in unity

i choose GODs justice on you…