Letting go of the past


all healing is release form the past

let us forget the purpose of the world

the past has given it.

for otherwise, the future will be like the past,

ans but a series of depressing dreams.


only the past can separate,

and it is nowhere

your past was made in anger,

and if you use it to attack the present,

you will not see the freedom that the present holds.


there is no fantasy that does not contain

the dream of retribution for the past.

would you act out the dream, or let it go?


the past is nothing

do not seek to lay the blame

for deprivation on it

for the past is gone.


dwell not upon the past today.

keep a completely open mind,

washed of all past ideas

and clean of every concept you have made.

you have forgiven the world today.

you can look upon it now

as if never saw it before.


the past is gone

and with it passing

the drive for vengeance has been uprooted

and has disappeared.

the stillness and the peace of now

enfold you in perfect gentleness.

everything is gone except the truth.


free of the past,

you see that love is in you.


take this very instant, now,

and think of it as all there is of time.

nothing can reach you here out of past,

and it is here that you are completely absolved,

completely free and wholly without condemnation.


fear is not of the present

but only of the past and future,

which do not exist.

there is no fear in the present

when each instant stands clear

and separated from the past,

without its shadow reaching out to the future.


the present offers you your brothers

in the light that would unite you with them,

and free you from the past.

would you, then, hold that past against them?

for if you do,

you are choosing to remain in the darkness

that is not there,

and refusing to accept the light

that is offered you.


the present extends forever.

it is so beautiful and so clean and free of guilt

that nothing but happiness is there.

no darkness is remembered,

and immortality and joy are now.


it is enough to heal the past

and make the future free.

it is enough to let the present

be accept as it is.


be very still and instant

come without all thought

of what you ever learned before,

and put aside all images you made.

the old will fall away before the new

without your opposition or intent.


can you imagine what it means

to have no cares, no worries, no anxieties,

but merely to be perfectly calm

and quiet all the time?

yet that is what time is for.


faith in the eternal is always justified,

for the eternal is forever kind,

infinite in its patience and wholly loving.

it will accept you wholly, and give you peace.

yet it can unite only

with what already is at peace in you.