do people in money(in there heart) curse those who do not have money(in there heart)

those in conflict inside(the heart) claiming why “why do you not understand?”

the doubt of “others”.. if they are “overcomers for money or overcomers for christ”

justice in money is to make suffer or kill the other… death

justice in Christ is forgiveness and peace… and grace.. given and received freely forever… life eternal..

money is illusion and Christ reality

money is hiding behind others “sins” as they are set up in a world about “money” and Christ is revealing your own to help… rescue and deliver others from them… in a natural and kind way without persecuting anyone…and exposing the money system

money is depravity and Christ virtue and goodness to look at others in the same

money is scarcity and Christ infinite abundance peace to give to others in the same

in Christ i come to you in peace

thru all the pain and suffering money(belief in it) brings

we will overcome together….

in Christ Jesus