[ˈrēˌsərCH, rəˈsərCH]


  1. the systematic investigation into and study of materials and sources in order to establish facts and reach new conclusions:

    “we are fighting meningitis by raising money for medical research”

    synonyms: experiment(s) · experimentation · test(s) · testing ·

    inquiry/inquiries · study/studies
    • (researches)
      acts or periods of investigation and study:

      “his pathological researches were included in official reports”

    • engaged in or intended for use in investigation and discovery:

      “a research student” ·

      “a research paper”


  1. investigate systematically:

    “she has spent the last five years researching her people’s history” ·

    “the team has been researching into flora and fauna”
    synonyms:investigate · study · inquire into · look into · probe ·





    1. an idea or opinion produced by thinking or occurring suddenly in the mind:

      “Maggie had a sudden thought” ·

      “I asked him if he had any thoughts on how it had happened” · “Mrs. Oliver’s first thought was to get help”
      synonyms: idea · notion · opinion · view · impression · feeling ·

      • (one’s thoughts)
        one’s mind or attention:

        “he’s very much in our thoughts and prayers”

      • an act of considering or remembering someone or something:

        “she hadn’t given a thought to Max for some time”

      • (thought of)
        an intention, hope, or idea of doing or receiving something:

        “he had given up all thoughts of making Manhattan his home”

        synonyms: hope · aspiration · ambition · dream · intention ·

        idea · plan · design · aim
    2. the action or process of thinking:

      “Sophie sat deep in thought”

      synonyms:thinking · contemplation · musing · pondering ·





      1. made, done, happening, or chosen without method or conscious decision:

        “a random sample of 100 households”

        synonyms: unsystematic · unmethodical · arbitrary · unplanned ·

        antonyms: systematic
        • statistics
          governed by or involving equal chances for each item.
        • (of masonry) with stones of irregular size and shape.
      2. informal
        unfamiliar or unspecified:

        “are you going to take some random guy on Twitter’s word?” ·

        “we stumbled on another live band playing at a random bar”
        • informal
          odd, unusual, or unexpected:

          “the class was hard but he was so random that it was always fun”


      1. informal
        an unknown, unspecified, or odd person:

        “I just sat down by myself and talked to some randoms” ·





        1. a relationship between two things or situations, especially where one thing affects the other:

          “investigating a link between pollution and forest decline”

          • a social or professional connection between people or organizations:

            “he retained strong links with the media”

            synonyms: bond · tie · attachment · connection · relationship ·

          • something that enables communication between people:

            “sign language interpreters represent a vital link between the deaf and hearing communities”

          • a means of contact, travel, or transport between two points or places:

            “they set up a satellite link with Tokyo” ·

            “a rail link from Newark to Baltimore”
          • computing
            a code or instruction that connects one part of a program or an element in a list to another.
          • short for hyperlink.
        2. a ring or loop in a chain.
          synonyms: loop · ring · connection · connector · coupling · joint
          • a unit of measurement of length equal to one hundredth of a surveying chain (7.92 inches).


        1. make, form, or suggest a connection with or between:

          “rumors that linked his name with Judith” ·

          “foreign and domestic policy are linked” · “she was linked up with an artistic group”
          synonyms: associate · connect · relate · join · bracket