And have no fellowship with the unfruitful works of darkness, but rather expose them.

dont watch it all in one place now?

how long have we known this was going to happen?

The Anti-Social Network

are we supposed to expose the antisocial network that destroys people or go after “sinners” just like the annisocial network?

is this a theme song for “networks”?

is this an alternative theme song?

or like this?

do they think like this?

is this what its like to “get away with it”?

who knows what anyone wants? does “she”(network)? what does she want? does anyone know?

does the “network” push there agenda to emotionally entangle unsuspecting “allies”(or programmed people) to run “manuveurs” for the “network”?

how do those in a network “control” the others? are people that are drawn to “networks” somehow abused at some point before they join a “network” to do the same to others? why?

does it appear that some of them get “bored” with there “experiments” and look for new “sensations”? is it about money?

when yall are in your cars chasing people around after you have look for “people” online do you play this song on you cameraphone?

some are on a mission statement? or mission? or public statement? or mint?

how are “networks” built?

are some just lonely? do they use radios includeing the “radios” of you “pocket computers”?

how far will some go to setting “the others” up? and remain hidden? would they lie to “set up others”?

are those that “follow others” looking for dirt on others to use in the networks listening to this song while they “watch you express yourself”? is it better to be a “madonna”? or a “wild thing”

can those who cyber bully help themselves? can they stop? are cyberbullies addicted? who would ever find out about a cyber addcition in a cyberwarefare global would war?

who in a “network” ever decides when they are finnished? is it ever complete? are “after those others” ever filled up? is it like “drugs”? how would anyone ever find out?

is the wishing well of the internet being used to ‘kiss and tell” to “compare and sell” every human on the planet? do you have a choice in a cyberwarfare world? is that talked about in the bible?

do sociopaths try to control others and conceal there harm in a “network”? where are the borders in a cyberworld? could anybody “let go” in a war? let go of the “control of others”? how?

hope in a very dark lowly cyberworld?

how could anyone explian anything to do with cyberwarfare in a cyberwarfare world?

my advice to people that are being abused by pathocracies and the sociopathic networks that grease the “machine”… rejoice… maybe it will rub off on them… they need love to

or give it to GOD?

If You Don’t Know Me By Now

Listen To Your Heart

Bonnie Raitt – I Can’t Make You Love Me

“Little Voices”

Cyber-Utopia vs. Cyber-Dystopia: Hanna Spegel at TEDxPannonia

are we going to be all remade in cyberspace? how? what would genetics have to do with it?

These 5 Facts Explain the Threat of Cyber Warfare

how do “networks” work? but who asks “who” are they/you working for?

if civilization spreads like a disease how does the cyberworld?

is money is has and always will be the “one world religon”? (not agianst any economic religon) just curious how does it work out for ya?

is empathic civilization just a “bait” to build a “high tech civilization” that destroys the earth to do it thru the technology by those “pathalogical” about “money”?

do we/i/you have a choice?

are we going to be rational about it?

how much time do we have in “civilizations”? or cyberworlds?

is there a cycle?

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