You cannot serve both God and money.

I hate money.
If you love money i pray for you because you in always persecute those who hate money.

humans that love money serve it as a master and therefore enslaved to it… and will enslave “others” to serve their master.
if you do not understand what i just outlined, why? do we choose to “serve money”? how can money be your master if you “feel” it serves you? why do you believe it serves you? is it because you believe you made profit? did you understand the full consequences thru time all time of making that profit? then why do you feel your money serves you?

Slavery is wrong. money is created from enslavement of land, life and the “giving up” of liberties and “rights” of the “other humans”.

Inevitably those who serve money enslave their own children into it. then those children in turn “war on each other” till they die or understand the human condition under money. yet understanding it does not change a thing about the world.

money will “functionally save” you from the consequences you created with it… thus you solve a problem in the near future or present only to create a future “hate” that no human by themselves or in groups can face… for all children and all life that will bear that burden…

if you love money fear not my voice… but fear GOD… the one who created you…and the one that can uncreate you… forever….

surely a fool says there is no GOD…………………………….

David Wilkerson – Repentance;Our only Hope

History of money worship

A brief history of the worship of money using monetary history and bible scripture. Money as wealth is a form of idolatry historically with similar idolatry in the us dollar and the spiritual damnation of wealth. Origin from in cattle worship to idolized graved images.

money what is money to know where money is I say we need to look at the history
0:06we need to look at the room %uh money
0:09what it is stored or what did the Angels call money
0:13a thousand years ago and how did we get to the point
0:16over will be used today and also
0:19money on religion has been closely tied
0:22to our history when the idea oh
0:26well start coming around is when we
0:29have the same ideas of worship come around around same top so
0:34we look at it the history %uh money and
0:38thousand years ago people looked a
0:41cattle as well for many reasons
0:44catalyst like the center under économie of course
0:48it gives you full test obvious part of it they use cattle
0:52to help out earlier to to help agriculture
0:57and back in them days i say a thousand years ago
1:00that was just know the big business is
1:03that was the whole can to me it was agrarian there was snow
1:07industry or Thai people they border with each other
1:11day trainee dismounted is good for this my love those boots
1:16but the sensor up to barter system with cattle cattle
1:22worst the sample well of in many societies in the ancient world
1:26sold and me a just society stay started to worship the cattle
1:31any made all Cano of
1:34to Cal goddess and Kauai its and
1:38to me what day looks like
1:41is a representation I’ll the worship of wealth in
1:45a form of about you like car we can go back to
1:51biblical scriptures whether you believe in the Bible who is true or false
1:55it is trying to tell you something rose they have the moment where Moses went up
2:01on a heel
2:02to talks got when he was getting the Ten Commandments
2:05at the N he laughs the people of
2:09Israel date here just delivered out a slavery
2:12down and the value to wait going this time
2:16one of their leaders name Aaron decided to gather people
2:20and so worship and and I’ll he may the people believed it
2:25they need it got to the thing out because Dane no longer have
2:29the leadership that they had in the lead
2:32Egypt he convinced down to take after jury their hearings
2:36and make I’ll golden chaos
2:40out love third sure when you look at
2:44the symbolism up is going to pass cattle
2:47is the first for most money is the first symbol of money and it’s the first thing
2:51people Star Wars
2:5310 like one of the oldest forms of worship is to worship with cattle if not
2:58the first one of the oldest
3:00and DN Jory Jory is the second former
3:04much is the second oldest form of money particularly
3:08example is agents have thousands of years ago they use a scorecard
3:14shales that they were fine and
3:18the oceans they found in shales and
3:21the priest used on as George on a majority
3:25and day to get to
3:28idolize these pieces a jury because stay soul
3:33symbols of status an flutist
3:36idolatry they make these pieces a status
3:40a medium of exchange or in other words
3:43Ste this necklace a priest is were so many caps
3:48Cisco houses in symbol status
3:51dat mean is also worse whatever and everything else
3:56and then topped call in a chick Egypt they had
4:00Cal got assists and stars
4:04a particular one my head for it and it was the Cal goddess
4:09that they worship and just like
4:12any other form civilization the Egyptian so
4:16Hearst tower as 0 for wealth or status
4:19even origins have no side of
4:23ever use in a monetary system but they worship the cow
4:28for means of prosperity they have these sessions over rebirth
4:32and this all part of prosperity as well
4:35and then over time discount goddess gave birth
4:39tool Rawal to calcutta I gave birth so
4:43Rawal ray which leads to to worship
4:46love horse and hard or
4:50which is Egyptian goddess Isis it
4:54addition gots sis Sparta Sun worship
4:57now initially enough on it back to the US dollar today
5:02you on top permeate you have I a pro
5:05which stares back from worship
5:09up Kyle which is worse mine
5:12which is idolatry the first place
5:15on the back at the US dollar when I think I’ve like relations
5:19they got all kinda passes and I try to tell you in so many ways to there’s a
5:24spiritual connection
5:25between how percent handles their at O’Tooles
5:29an action star wealth and their spirit to stand in sweet guy
5:34and interim the Kingdom of Heaven
5:38are keen on who we are are going the other direction
5:42so various many parables me. versus
5:46in a Bible about money S is the topic is about money and going it’s a
5:50is very interesting that approximately one out at 10 versus
5:54in the Bible is concerned money or some type of
5:58find that too or possession
6:02typo verse what to do which are positions or financial slate
6:06soak some how to handle your mast over 2,300
6:11verses in the Bible period is concern among are you going to notice me
6:16G this pope more about money stand
6:19almost anything I believe he only spoke love
6:23the team member got more and
6:26interest in part to mean rival right before Turco sufficient Jesus
6:30has departed a Bible were %uh seizes clandestine temple
6:34and he goes into the temple and he see
6:37though financial triggering
6:40a religious chicory affair seems and he walk into
6:45for temple do under Tom above
6:48sacrifice s all that heat tired
6:51what he described his father house into it enough peaks
6:56in other words he was great and he saw although that they’ve read it was gonna
7:00am what was going on around them times is that
7:04there was I’ll for multiple tax done with
7:08pitcher sacrifice is everybody was required to sacrifice a patient leave a
7:13route passes they couldn’t issues any patient a sacrifice it
7:16own this sacred day they had to use sicker patients wishes only able to be
7:22inside at the temple so and order to purchase these patients
7:27you had to exchange your money for temple many and then
7:30go about pigeons at inflated prices that you could buy anywhere else
7:35it was their way of dropping to public
7:38something like how though the Federal Reserve System does today
7:42back and damn time and specifically in a Bible
7:45they called the money changers because day exchange money
7:49phone want for money for another former money
7:53about making money offer Jessica dealing with
7:56money only money changers something like
8:00are Federal Reserve System does today
8:03they have us overtime exchange in all of our goal
8:07and they give us teens worthless piece of paper their money changers
8:11and been a money changer is always big business
8:15solo jeans went to the temple he saw all
8:18what the for seized or soul
8:22heat jet up the role and made a move
8:25well and this top only time in a complete Bible
8:29in a home test with the Jesus ever get angry he began
8:33to drive out the money changers output him
8:36with the Wookie just me at turned over tables
8:41and let their pigeons 3 and other words he totally disagreed
8:45wat the with over robbery up the money changers
8:49he disagreed with that more the anything else he encountered
8:53custom only top he capped think at the end
8:57I’m quite sure all them people that was involved
9:00and alone to sell enough pigeons exchange enough money
9:04lost a lot of money that day a lot of people soul
9:07now the people that want him day
9:11for going around spreading knowledge
9:14other than what they was trying to teach which the main
9:18topic Jesus spoke about other than the cam got was money
9:21and a fair seized on like this soul after he planned to Temple
9:27not a half a lot of political
9:30as far as take out a crowd of people there’s a will in a stone
9:35because you know for the love of money
9:39is the root of all kinds of people but then someone in the crowd
9:43ask question is very interesting to me tax shit they pay taxes to Caesar
9:47and sold and Jesus asked for all 12 so courts
9:51and he actual space on this call any sissies
9:54loading he say will render on a Caesar what is Caesar’s
9:58and Kia got was Scott’s matter petitioner they
10:01especially when you look at the entire context
10:04at a Bible how badly its peak of money from one
10:08yet to other ASX particularly
10:12to miss you serve it and i havent too much
10:15I V the Bible says you can serve two masters
10:19you either gonna 2 full 1 or despise other
10:23you got the give all 21 target not other
10:26you cannot serve God and money or you can serve God and wealth
10:30panettone what kinda version jury and so this is the Bible at a tour of money
10:35so what he say render unto Caesar what is Caesar’s and
10:39render also got what is God given all of that money
10:43then we look at other passes in about we talk about the grave images
10:47other got ship burned them in a fire you should not desired
10:51thus overall goal it is on them nor take it to you
10:55he’s you be scared very for is an abomination
10:59to the lower tigar is very interesting that
11:02he speakers engraving images which back today’s date in
11:06pray any leading
11:09that have print machines that have a system of print money
11:13data system I think great images out somebody
11:16and day you’ll silver and gold mainly because it is a rarity
11:21when I think even greater images and thinking US dollar
11:24if they have print today on a putback have a
11:27you got that I overall which is
11:31Sun worship that come from there Cal goddess
11:35which how God is covering well four-ship
11:38and that’s complete optometry explain in a Bible
11:41when a four-ship the Golden Calf on outside a dollar
11:45you get though the Eagle
11:48which is the God of War soul they out he’s I’ll
11:52print it estate and gravy images
11:57on the money that supposed to be back but go to Silver
12:00s that are covered in gold and silver like spoken up in a Bible
12:04and is because I i Dolci how bad at Dollar Tree
12:07and basically how greed and Dollar Tree
12:11least some ice in this world nah spice
12:14to of people and we look at though
12:18world we live in today and they’re destroying their environment
12:22they wanna enslave this many people as possible to day
12:26and in the Bible SP cells the borrower is a servant to the lender
12:30and they try to make as much debt is possible globally
12:34was was going on now their system other slaves min
12:39and they’re destroying the planet and eight calls wars
12:43great wars all in the name of profit so you can source
12:46interests all these things are abomination

how most see it? maybe? why?

How The Economic Machine Works by Ray Dalio

The Crisis of Credit Visualized – HD

what are externalities in a virtual world? in a world were humans are in a cyberworld where no one can ask.. “what are externalities in a virtual world?”? have we ever had freedom or liberty in any monitary system ever?

how would you “model” how children are to behave in a cyberwarfare digital money social credit based “reality” thru consumerbased advertising developement cycle? would that next generation even be able to ask?

what is cyberwarefare, reputation business, political(national, online and personal) identities, virtual water?

Click to access SP_transcription.pdf

how do we advertise to kids? are kids indocrinated into money or tricked into worshiping it? would a child be able to think about how children spend money?

Advertising to Children

“Be Their Voice” – The Effects of Advertising to Children

will kid “cast spells” on other kids in a global digital currinecy world?

Cartoons Exposed (The Games Children Play) Your child and the occult

“Their biggest concern has more to do with managing their own business and making sure they make the best decisions. Most millennials who are entrepreneurs have to focus on the things they control, like how they cost their projects and how they invest and try not to worry too much about the macro—because there’s only so much they can do about it.”

if people worship money how do people in money “defame” a “good name”? nonbeleivers in money vrs believers in money? how is this done worldwide? nation vrs nation? kids vrs kids?

A Good Name

lol still going thru some of the videos? some of the tech?

i would hope that “our” kids would be as crazy as “me” to ask some of the crazy questions and beyond right… but how could they if all the questions “we” asked are used to “imprision the next generation” into a “global money religon”?

how could they in a “fully recorded universe”?

The Identity Trap

i still think clean and healthy food, air, water, land and “humans” is more important than “technology” that is only used for warfare and “money religon”?

Chances of Life in our Universe

since the beginning of time
0:25all the
0:26the universe has been governed by precisely balanced laws and Constance
0:31doing an interview with Robin Collins a philosopher with degrees in mathematics
0:35and physics
0:36strobel learn how these laws offer compelling evidence for creator
0:41and conspire to make the universe habitable for life
0:45the laws of physics are balanced on a razor’s edge
0:49for life to occur for example if you can have something like Robert E
0:54the whole matter together you would never get
0:57planet you when get stars you when did any complex organisms
1:01if you can have the strong nuclear force to be nothing
1:05hold protons and neutrons together in the nucleus
1:09as he would have any Adams so no chemistry couldn’t have
1:13the electromagnetic force would have no bonding between chemicals
1:16you have no light in the list goes on to me all the sort of fundamental
1:20principles have to be in place
1:22in order for like to occur wipe out one of those principles wipe out one of
1:26those laws
1:27means no life strobel learn that life
1:31also hinges on the precise strengths and relative values
1:35many different physical constants one example on this fine tuning
1:39is the force of gravity
1:44a major homework divided up into one
1:47inch increments and then stretched across the entire universe
1:51a distance of some 14 billion light-years for the purposes of
1:59the ruling represents the possible range program in
2:03and other words the setting for the strength gravity could have been
2:06anywhere along the ruler but
2:08it just happens to be situated in exactly the right place
2:12so that why is possible
2:15now if you to change the force of gravity by moving the setting
2:18just 1 %eh compared to the tire with that the universe
2:22the affect I’m like would be catastrophic
2:25no large-scale life forms could exist
2:30anything that was more than the size of a pea would be
2:33completely crushed so you might be able to get life
2:36are very very primitive sort such as bacteria but you could never get
2:41conscious observers the strength gravity
2:45is just one at least 30 separate parameters that must be finely tuned to
2:49produce a life-sustaining universe
2:51another example is the cosmological constant
2:55the cosmological constant describes the expansion speed
3:00a space in the universe if space expands to quickly then
3:04the universal spread out so quickly that material objects can form so you can get
3:08stars and galaxies and planets
3:11types of things that we’ve course take for granted in our universe
3:16physicist have determined that the cosmological constant is fine tune
3:20to one part in a hundred million billion billion billion billion
3:27such precision has been compared to traveling hundreds of miles into space
3:32than throwing a dart at the earth hitting the bulls eye measuring 1
3:36trillion public trillion up in inch in diameter
3:39and area less than the with up a single
3:45just consider those two parameters
3:47gravity and the cosmological constant their level of fine tuning is 20 per
3:53up one part in a hundred million trillion trillion trillion trillion
3:59trillion miss like one madame in the entire
4:03known universe this fine tuning is also
4:09at the atomic level the strong nuclear force
4:12Bynes atoms together if the string to this foursquare to decrease by one part
4:1810,000 billion billion billion billion
4:21the only element left use would be piped
4:25again chemical life would not be possible
4:29the fine-tuning the the laws in force is a physics
4:33is so precise that few theorists are comfortable invoking near chance
4:38as an explanation unless our universe is not the only role of the dice
4:43I’m if the universe looks like it’s fine tuned for complex life maybe
4:49there’s a fine tuner maybe it was fine tuned for life
4:52in this has certain unsavory theological implications and so it’s not surprising
4:58those committed to it finally materialistic
5:01view of reality I would try to find an escape hatch
5:04and the most popular escape hatch for this the logical implication a
5:09is idea of multiple universes as its name suggests
5:15the theory of multiple universes proposes that our universe is not alone
5:20instead it is part of a vast ensemble universes
5:24each with a different set of laws and Constance
5:27I’m if there’s only one universal in the conclusion that the universe looks fine
5:32because it is fine-tuned is inescapable but if our universe is just one of a
5:36vast Sep
5:38then you seem to have more resources to play with chance
5:42gets a new lease on life I sometimes try to imagine what physicists have in mind
5:48that partially this idea multiple universes
5:51I mean what would the generator look like that creates them
5:54maybe it’s like a giant monolith that as dozens of different dials
5:58each of which has to be set up to the right physical constant we think that
6:03parameters as dials each of the dials
6:06is different so few produce enough universes with enough different dial
6:10settings eventually just by chance
6:13ticket one just ride see you might have to produce
6:16a trillion trillion trillion trillion trillion fold fold fold fold fold
6:21universal’s but eventually he have a generator that just spitting out
6:24just anymore miss number of I’m then he gets the right I’ll setting
6:29and then by just chance you get conditions
6:33right for life so it’s a huge cosmic lottery
6:37that’s the idea it’s an interesting idea
6:40me there’s really only one problem with it there’s no independent evidence is
6:44beside religious pushes the question back a step because we could still ask
6:50home bill
6:51generator the suggestion have multiple universes strikes me as a desperate
6:56attempt to explain away the obvious
6:57which is that the universe is finely tuned by an intelligence
7:02to sustain complex life intelligence it must be beyond the constraints of time
7:09in space

organized violence and organized non-violence

The intention is to, in a systematic way, target the victim’s mental equilibrium, self confidence, and self esteem so that they are no longer able to function in an independent way.

The Effects of Gaslighting in Narcissistic Victim Syndrome

Gaslighting involves doing something evil and then lying to someone else or deceiving them in order to make them think that they are crazy so that they can conceal the evil they are doing. The ten commandments tell us that this is evil. Gaslighting breaks the 9th commandment (among others) “Thou shalt not bear false witness”. False religion is a form of gaslighting because they collect money from the masses to make a few individuals wealthy and use a “form of worship” as a cover for their evil deeds.

do you believe in forgiveness or do you not…
your answer either make you a sociopath or a recovered sociopath.

we do not heal our broken heart ourselves… only thru a greater power.
otherwise we would be able to “heal” the world with our own “understanding” since the beginning. yet why do we continue to “try to solve it with money aka “our own will and understanding”?

In popular culture, the term “narcissistic” is thrown about quite loosely, usually referring to vanity and self-absorption. This reduces narcissism to a common quality that everyone possesses and downplays the symptoms demonstrated by people with the actual disorder. While narcissism does exist on a spectrum, narcissism as a full-fledged personality disorder is quite different.

People who meet the criteria for Narcissistic Personality Disorder or those who have traits of Antisocial Personality Disorder can operate in extremely manipulative ways within the context of intimate relationships due to their deceitfulness, lack of empathy and their tendency to be interpersonally exploitative. Although I will be focusing on narcissistic abusers in this post, due to the overlap of symptoms in these two disorders, this post can potentially apply to interactions with those who have ASPD to an extent.

It’s important in any kind of relationship that we learn to identify the red flags when interacting with people who display malignant narcissism and/or antisocial traits, so we can better protect ourselves from exploitation and abuse, set boundaries, and make informed decisions about who we keep in our lives. Understanding the nature of these toxic interactions and how they affect us has an enormous impact on our ability to engage in self-care.

people in money will use psychological warfare, including economic and socio economic warfare, persuasion technologies, behavioral modification technologies, cyber warfare, thru the very means that anyone could communicate… including computers etc…

GOD warns you thru ways you do not understand and “Wills” exsistance you cannot “judge or measure” meaning saving grace thru faith.

usury is what is wrong about all money..all money is debt and interest based meaning slave based…. it is not a value for value exchange but a casting of lot or bet on the life of its value only under those alive to contest?

money has no heart and people addicted to money(everyone) treat others as disposable..

The People Potato Strategy Needs to Go: Why Employees Are Not Disposable

Sociopathic Society: The Military-Industrial Concept of Self

“I wonder if it’s ever struck you how curious a thing it is that most of the things we experience we regard as things that happen to us; which we ourselves do not originate, which are events expressing some sort of power or activity that is external to ourselves. And if you consider that, you realize that what you mean by your ‘Self’ is rather narrowly circumscribed. Even events that go on in our own bodies are put in the category of ‘things that happen to us’ in the same way as things that go on in the world outside our skin. If there is a thunderstorm or an earthquake, well, it happens to you; you’re not responsible for it. The same way if you have hiccups; you didn’t plan on it. If you have belly rumbles, you have no intention of doing it. And as for the catastrophic act of getting born, well, you had nothing to do with that! And you can spend all your life blaming your parents for putting you in the situation in which you find yourself. And this way of looking at the world in this sort of passive mood as ‘something that happens to you’ goes right down to our general feeling about life. It goes down to the way in which, as westerners, we have been accustomed to look at human existence as a precarious event in the Cosmos, that on the whole, is depicted as being completely unsympathetic and alien to our existence.

In other words, if you are reared with a 20th century, or shall we say, an ‘early 20th century common sense,’ which is based on the philosophy of science of the 19th century, with its rejection of Christianity and Judaism, you regard yourself as an accident, a biological accident, in a ‘stupid’ universe, which is mechanical, but has no feelings; no finer feelings. A vast pointless gyration of radioactive rocks and gas in which you happen to occur; because if you don’t have the point of view, and you are more traditional, you look upon yourself as a child of God, and therefore, under authority. In other words, there is a ‘Big Boss’ on top of all this, who allowed you, at his pleasure, to deign to have the disgusting affrontery to exist, with the attitude of ‘this is going to hurt me more than it is going to hurt you.’ And when you look at the world in that image, or in the other image, that it’s a stupid mechanism, either point of view you take, you don’t really belong.

You’re not really part of all this. And I could use a stronger word than ‘part,’ only we don’t have it in English. We have to say something like ‘connected with it,’ ‘essential to it’ or to put it in the strongest possible way, it is quite alien to western though to conceive that the external world, which is defined as something that happens to you, and your body itself as something that you got caught up with; it is quite alien to our thought to consider all that as ‘You, Yourself.’ Because, you see, we have such a myopic view of what one’s ‘Self’ is. It’s as if, in other word, we have selected how much experience is really to be regarded as ‘me.’

As if you focused your attention on certain restricted areas of the whole panorama of things that you experience, and say, ‘I will take sides with that much of it.’ Now, we come here, right at the start, to an extremely important principle, which is the different points of view you get when you change your level of magnification. That is, to say you can look at something with a microscope and see it a certain way; you can look at it with the naked eye and see it in a certain way; you can look at it with a telescope and you can see it in another way. Now, which level of magnification is the correct one? Well, obviously they are all correct. They’re just different points of view.

You can, for example, look at a newspaper photograph with magnifying glass. And where, with the naked eye, you will see a human face, with a magnifying glass you will just see a profusion of dots, rather meaninglessly scattered. But as you stand away from that connection of dots, which all seem to be separate and apart from each other, they suddenly to arrange themselves into a pattern. What is, in other words, is conflict at one level, of magnification, is harmony at higher level. Now, could it possibly be that, therefore, that we, with all our problems: conflicts, neurosis, sicknesses, political outrages, wars, tortures and everything that goes on in human life, are a state of conflict which can be seen in the larger perspective as a situation of harmony. And you can say, ‘A-ha! At last, I see, I’ve got the point. I’ve seen how all this makes sense.’ But what this insight depended upon was your overcoming the illusion that space separates things.” –Allan Watts

ypes of tactics

The following list of tactics of power and control summarises the list that you can view by downloading the pdf document. I have written separate blog posts explaining each of the following ways men use coercive control against female partners:

One-sided power games including behaviours that ensure he has his way at her expense
Mind games including guilt trips and confusing her in ways that make her feel crazy
Inappropriate restrictions including refusing to let her work
Isolation including controlling incoming information such as what she reads
Over-protection and ‘caring’ including dissuading her from going out alone in case she gets raped
Emotional unkindness, violation of trust, Cyberbullying including promising to help and then ‘forgetting’
Degradation & suppression of potential including criticising her strengths and achievements
Separation abuse including stalking such as leaving flowers – this sends a threatening message that he can always find her no matter where she is. Whereas, an outsider might look at this act, and think of it as a caring gesture.
Using social institutions including engaging in child custody battles to maintain power over her
Using social prejudices such as saying to a disabled partner that she can’t even walk out the door – this reinforces his power
Denial including refusing to take responsibility for the harm he causes
Minimising by saying “it wasn’t that bad, get over it”
Blaming by twisting the story so she appears responsible
Making excuses such as blaming stress at work
Using children for example saying he wouldn’t get so angry if she kept the children quiet
Economic abuse including not allowing her access to any money, or putting her in charge of the budget, but then spending all the money and abusing her when the debt mounts
Intimate Partner Sexual abuse including pressuring her to have sex when she is sick
Symbolic aggression including threats to harm her family, friends, pets
Domestic slavery including punishing her for not carrying out duties he claims she should have, while not carrying out his own
Physical violence: Men’s Motivations including hair pulling and dragging her along the floor
Cyber abuse, Online social cruelty, Cyber bullying, Cyber stalking
Systematic pattern of power and control

As the above list suggests, physical violence is just one tactic among many that some men subject their female partners to. And not all these men use physical violence — ever. Rather they use some, or all, of the above psychological and structural forms of control.

Each behaviour, when looked at separately, could seem justifiable. Each singular behaviour could look like something minor. Each behaviour on its own could appear that the woman provoked it. Just one of these behaviours viewed from the outside — out of context — could appear like he was just having a bad day.

However, look at this short list in its entirety. Now consider this mass of behaviours as a systematic pattern. Also know that women who are subjected to this pattern of abuse and control experience MANY of these tactics — every day, every week, every month, every year — for years and years. Then ask yourself if you think this systematic pattern of power and control is about the man just having a bad day. Or is there a campaign (whether it is conscious or not) to win at all costs and to maintain power and control?

Why do people want power and control – control freaks[edit]
Main article: Control freak
In psychology-related slang, control freak is a derogatory term for a person who attempts to dictate how everything around them is done.[1] Control freaks are often perfectionists[2] defending themselves against their own inner vulnerabilities in the belief that if they are not in total control they risk exposing themselves once more to childhood angst.[3] Such persons manipulate and pressure others to change so as to avoid having to change themselves,[4] and use power over others to escape an inner emptiness.[5]

In terms of personality-type theory, control freaks are very much the Type A personality, driven by the need to dominate and control.[6] An obsessive need to control others is also associated with antisocial personality disorder.[7]

What coercive control looks like

Domestic abuse involves repeated, ongoing, intentional control tactics used by one partner against the other. Those tactics may be physical, sexual, economic, psychological, legal, institutional, or all of the above. They often include:

Unreasonable and non-negotiable demands.
Stalking – surveillance and unwanted contact.
Destroying the partner’s other relationships and isolating her/him from friends, family members, co-workers and others.
Restricting daily activities.
Coercion – a combination of demands, threats of negative consequences for noncompliance, and surveillance.6
Manipulation through minimization, denial, lies, promises, etc.
Threats and intimidation.
Excuses, rationalizations and blame.
Stifling the partner’s independence.
Controlling partner’s access to information and services.
Sexual abuse and violence; reproductive coercion.7
Economic control and exploitation.
Identity abuse.
Physical violence – which can range from minor to lethal. The physical violence typical of abuse is more frequent and severe than that typical of situational violence.8,9
Deprivation of liberty, equality and personhood;10 treating their partner and children as objects.11
Extreme jealousy, possessiveness and ridiculous accusations of infidelity. (Abusers often imagine that their partner is cheating, and jealousy and suspicion are the usual motivations of men who murder a current or former partner.12,13)
Punishing the partner and children for infractions (and imaginary infractions) of their rules.
Ignoring their partner’s needs, opinions and feelings, and the harm that their behavior does to her/him.
Separation violence.

are money addicts control freaks? is it the same as the drug war? where everyone claims the “control freak” status as they “define other” by how they are presented thru media and social media?

money is a religon

hate groups and individuals use the destruction and violence of “the others” even altering their “reality” to “destroy themselves” only thru their money, then “claiming “they” did it to others that believe like them to attract more “like” them….yet deny deny deny to the “others that might whistleblow”… progressing toward greater and greater “high-tech hate”…

GOD provides for you Grace sufficiently… not to much not to less… just enough.

hate groups only see justice thru themselves “inflicting it” yet it does not satisfy…or change anything for all… hasting after more and more of this “justice” yet the appetite of it not ever satisfied… ever….

GOD saves you by showing you forgiveness in ways you do not understand
or need to… that if you forgive He forgives you and forgiveness “moves thru you” lasting forever…

“hate groups or individuals” cannot endure without money.

GOD love endures forever….

do you ask yourself if you are part of a hate group thru money?

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