the resolution of conflict and war

conflict is sleep, and peace awakening.


there must be doubt before there can be conflict.

and every doubt must be about yourself.


it is  only the wish to deceive that make s war.

no one at one with themselves

can even conceive of conflict.

conflict is the inevitable result of self-deception,

and self-deception is dishonestly.


war is the condition in which fear is born,

and grows and seeks to dominate.

peace is the state where love abides,

and seeks to share itself.

conflict and peace are opposites.

where one abides the other cannot be;

where either goes the other disappears.

so is the memory of God obscured in minds

that have become illusion’ battleground.

yet far beyond this senseless war it shines,

ready to be remembered when you side with peace.


only the trusting can afford honesty,

for only they can see its value.

honesty does not apply only to what you say.

the term actually means consistency.

there is nothing you say that contradicts

what you think or do;

no thought opposes any other thought;

no act bellies your word;

and no word lacks agreement with another.

such are the truly honest.

at no level are they in conflict with themselves.

therefore it is impossible for them

to be in conflict with anyone or anything.


in quietness are all things answered,

and is every problem quietly resolved.

in conflict there can be no answer and no resolution,

for its purpose is to make no resolution possible,

and to ensure no answer will be plain.

a  problem set in conflict has no answer

from on e point of view

is not an answer in another light.


the conflict of illusions disappears

when it is brought to truth!

for its seems real only as long as it is seen

as war between conflicting truths…

conflict is the choice between illusions

one to be crowned as real,

the other vanquished and despised.


illusions are but beliefs in what is not there.

and the seeming conflict between truth and illusion

can only be resolved by separating yourself

from the illusion and not the truth.


illusion meets illusion: truth, itself.

the meeting of illusions leads to war.

peace, looking on itself, extends itself.


i must have decided wrongly,

because i am not at peace.

i made the decision myself,

but i can also decide otherwise.

i want to decide otherwise,

because i want to be at peace





i give you permission to call me what you want me to be

i give you permission to tell me what to do

i forgive you

i forgive you all