grow living cities not death coffins

i get the feeling i dont belong in america to much?

is america building hate cities? politicaly? religiously? economically?

if you build them out of “money” they will all be destroyed? forever? money is “fake peace”?

projects to change cities into healthy places… so “I” dont have to destroy them cause the “cries” made in the manmade hell they call “cities”?

green rosd and open spaces

sand roads with bacteria oil?

cities that look like natural spaces? that can also grow? and grow food?

some places this would work?

powered roads

energy return wheel with embeded wireless power tech in both road and wheel?

imagine a clean art city?

coral based citis?

bacteria based grown art citis? entire cities?

or mushroom cities?

Mushroom Based Building Materials Are Here (With Video)

what about using “deserttification” as a “builder”?

building walls with sand and wind

could you use fabric to build cites?

could the same frabric tents be used to collect water? and build protective walls and aquaducts?

The Fog Collectors: Harvesting Water From Thin Air